• Patrick Morgan

    Patrick Morgan

    | #Actor | #Writer |

  • Ridley Cooper, PhD

    Ridley Cooper, PhD

    Hoping to dive deep into the human condition and come out a better person. Philosophy, economics, psychology and society. DrRidleyCooper@gmail.com

  • Nothing Something

    Nothing Something

    Design. Writing. Research. kevinlandwehr.com | nothingsomething.com.

  • H. Elizabeth Falk

    H. Elizabeth Falk

    Proud lefty, libtard, commie pinko. I write about things the left can be doing to clean up our side of the political divide. Hyperbole is killing this country.

  • Brandon Dockery

    Brandon Dockery

    It’s not about the destination, it’s about complaining every step of the way there. Writing published in Slackjaw, The Haven and Robot Butt

  • Shun Chan

    Shun Chan

  • Arno Slabbinck

    Arno Slabbinck

    Code Over Coffee | Self-taught programmer eager to learn/sharing tips on building a good life, health, software engineering for Introverts like me

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